Wall-Mounted Moor’s Heads
Caltagirone Ceramic

Wall-Mounted Moor’s Heads.

Always on the lookout for new home decorations.Ceramic heads depicting Normans After the great success of the Moor’s Heads in Caltagirone Ceramic.

We have decided to develop the same models so that they can be hung on the walls of the house. Thus, the:

Wall-Mounted Moor’s Heads

Wall-mounted Moorish heads in Caltagirone ceramic, red decorative wall-mounted Moorish heads, wall-mounted Moorish heads in Caltagirone ceramicNot less than the classic tabletop ones, the Wall-Mounted Moorish Heads are an excellent decoration for the walls of the house.

As an alternative to the classic Caltagirone ceramic jugs, wall-mounted Moorish heads are excellent plant pot holders for the house.

While the larger Ceramic Wall-Mounted Moorish Heads are suitable as plant pot holders, the smaller ones are widely used as room humidifiers to hang on radiators or stoves.

Not everyone has enough space to put a pair of Moorish heads or a vase.Moorish heads to hang on the wall

For this reason, Wall-Mounted Moorish Heads are an excellent solution to optimize space and indulge in decorating the house with Caltagirone ceramic decorations.

Ceramic Masks

Unlike ceramic masks to hang on the wall, which are simple home decorations, the wall-mounted Moorish head is a ceramic vase plant holder.

Home Decorations

Among the many home decorations, Caltagirone Ceramics are the best choice for decorating the house.