Wall Decorations
Ceramics of Caltagirone


For Ceramiche Ripullo, the home is a bit like a blank canvas for a painter: an expanse on which to let our imagination run wild. How? On the one hand certainly by painting it with colors capable of recreating a cozy atmosphere and on the other hand by giving it character by choosing the most suitable ceramic wall decorations for the home.

This space groups together all those ceramic objects that, although decorations for the home, originate exclusively for the decoration of the interior walls of your home.

Ceramic wall decorations allow you to personalize your home and steer it toward the style that best represents you. In short, they are great little elements that help make your home unique.
But what decorations to hang on the wall?
The possibilities are almost endless: picture frames, clocks, holders, fruit, suns, trinacries and more.

To get your mind in order take a look at our Caltagirone ceramics catalog. Lots of solutions divided by type and category await you: from classic-style wall decorations by Caltagirone to contemporary and modern design lines. All that’s left is to click to be inspired!

Before you embark on this compelling quest, however, remember that wall decorations must also ensure a harmonious feel to your rooms. They are not mere decorations, but real furniture elements capable of influencing the atmosphere within the home. According to the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng-Shui, wall decorations also act on moods, states of mind and especially energy flows.
Wall decorations: ideas for every room in the house.
Wall decorations are a bit like black for clothing-they look good on any wall. So you just have to indulge yourself and adapt wall decorations to every corner of the house. How?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer, but let’s try to draw some guidelines anyway. For example, let’s start with the entrance. It is undoubtedly the ideal habitat for a nice mirror: raise your hand if you don’t look in the mirror one last time before you leave the house to check that your look is perfectly in order. In addition to practicality, a mirror is a sensational ploy to increase the perception of space. Therefore, big or small?

Let’s move on to the living room. We could call it the princely space to showcase your flair with wall decorations. Living room must-haves include awall clock: flashy with large numbers ready to steal the show from other decor elements or minimalist to enhance the simplicity and elegance of the hands. However, many other wall decorations find their place in the living room. Walls become the perfect place to devote to memories, so room for frames to enclose photos and images of special moments. There is only one rule: do it in style.

The roundup of wall decorations certainly does not end here. For example, have you ever thought of beautifying your bedroom with wallpaper or wall stickers? Yes? Why not include some modern ceramic items. With a few simple gestures and extreme ease on your walls can come to life geometric shapes, exotic scenery, motivational writing and so on. All enhanced by the quality of Caltagirone ceramics. If you are still hungry for ideas keep browsing the pages of our e-commerce.