Old Round

Master Ripullo’s company had the prestige of furnishing the Tondo Vecchio theater, located on Via Roma in Caltagirone, with handmade terracotta vases.

Caltagirone Vaso di Terracotta modellato a mano
Artigiano che lavora l'argilla
Vaso in terracotta per esterno
Aquila in ceramica simbolo della città di Caltagirone
Vasi in terracotta esposti in un giardino pubblico

Ripullo Handcrafted Ceramics

The company, Founded by master craftsman
Vincenzo Ripullo in 1989 in Caltagirone, was born in a small town workshop, the place where master Ripullo created his first works.

Terracotta per giardino
Cuscino in terracotta modellato a mano
Panchine di terracotta nel giardino Spadaro a Caltagirone

Spadaro Garden

Spadaro Garden setup, with benches with terracotta backs molded by hand to look like real cushions with a comfort unique to its kind

Maestro Vincenzo Ripullo

Maestro Ripullo, born in Caltagirone in 1957, was trained by frequenting the many pottery workshops from an early age, in which he nurtured his artistic passion, prompting him to enroll at the Caltagirone Art Institute, from which he graduated with top marks.

Once he graduated, he went to Rome to study at the Faculty of Architecture.
During this journey he did not forget his passion for ceramics and his beloved Caltagirone, devoting much time to educational trips, to Florence, Venice and inside Rome itself, to museums and churches to nurture his culture and plastic skills, which make him, in fact, the great master that he is.

Sun House

Logo realization of Casale Del Sole, an agritourism in Sicily.

Artigiano ceramicsta che modella un sole in argilla
Sole in maiolica fatto a mano

The Return to Caltagirone

Once he finished the Faculty of Architecture and having developed a great artistic culture, he decided to return to Caltagirone, where thanks to the experience he had as a child and the maturity he acquired through his studies and for the same reason he undertook them, he decided to open his workshop.

Starting out in a small garage, the master immediately began to make a name for himself in the market because of his seriousness but especially because of his artistic skills, standing out with lines he created and impeccable quality

Logo in terracotta modellato a mano
Terracotta da giardino per esterno
Scritte in ceramica modellate a mano
Insegne in ceramica fatte a mano

Olympus Hotel

Making terracotta signs molded entirely by hand for Hotel Olympus

The Company in Caltagirone

From his small garage in which he was born, after a couple of years he needed to move to a larger premises, also in Caltagirone, in which he needed to hire employees to meet market demand.

From here to another ten years, the master made a quantum leap by transforming his workshop into a company, moving to a 1000-square-meter warehouse in Caltagirone’s Industrial Zone, hiring and training other collaborators, thus meeting all market demands.